Thursday, January 24, 2013

24 Hour Technology Log

7:00 AM: Woken up by my battery-operated alarm clock

7:05 AM: Turn on the lights in my room. Check my watch

7:10 AM: Log on to my laptop, check Facebook, Gmail, put on Pandora

7:30 AM: Getting ready to leave, check cell-phone, turn off room light

7:35 AM: Get my card swiped at the Great Room for breakfast. Check my watch  

9:10 AM: Check my cell-phone again after my first class. Send a text, check my watch

9:20-11:50 AM: My Intro to Drawing Professor uses her laptop to show us images, plays music off the internet

12:30 PM: Get my card swiped at the Great Room for lunch, check my cell-phone and watch, again

12:30-1:00 PM: Use my laptop to study in the library (and check Facebook, Gmail...) Listen to music on my iPod

1:15 PM: Check my cell-phone again before class starts. More texts, check my watch

1:20-2:30 PM: Use my calculator during Psychological Statistics (which is held in a computer lab)

2:40-4:20 PM: Back in library, studying with laptop. Check my watch, listen to my iPod, send some texts

4:40 PM: Text some friends, see what time they want to get dinner. Use my one card to get back in QA. Come back to my room, turn on lights, check watch, plug in my laptop to charge, more studying, send some emails on my laptop

5:30 PM: Get my card swiped at the Great Room for dinner, check my phone and my watch

6:45 PM: Print out some documents at the library, check my watch

7:00-10:00 PM: Use my one card to get back in  QA. Study in my best friend’s room, with my laptop. Send some texts, check my watch, listen to music on Youtube, check Facebook and Gmail, watch a 30 Rock episode on Hulu, make tea with an electric hot pot.

10:30 PM: Come back to room, turn on lights, get ready for bed; charge laptop, phone, and iPod

11:00 PM: Turn off lights, turn on lamp to read

12:00 AM: Bedtime, turn off lamp, set alarm clock.

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