Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vector Artist Post

Chris Leavens

Lights Out
Chris Leavens is a Los Angeles based vector illustrator specializing in surrealist images. His works often comprise  bizarre monsters and imagined characters interacting in mythical landscapes. His pieces incorporate the humorous and bizarre with a playful tone. Leavens' works have appeared in galleries, computer games, TV shows, and films. He currently works as an animator and designer for Disney Publishing. 
Interestingly, Leavens' educational background is in cinematography. He received a BA in film and video from Penn State University, and spent several years working in the film industry as a film editor and motion graphics designer. After several years in the film industry, Leavens decided to "take a break" from video work to explore illustration. Since then, he has worked primarily as an illustrator, graphic designer and web designer, with much commercial success.  
I love the quirky nature of Leavens' pieces; it's hard to examine his work without smiling. While the unique figures and settings in these images play a large role in the development of  this mood, I think Leavens' use of color also plays a larger role in creating this unique atmosphere. Leavens' use of color creates a nice balance; his palettes are saturated and bright without being overpowering, working to highlight the strengths of Leavens' drawings. The pieces have a Dr. Seuss-esque feel that is quite lovely. Leavens' mastery of illustrator is also obvious in his works; 

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